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As the name implies, these are ridiculously fancy records.

Some people call them "hand poured." 

Think of them as super special collector records that are individually pressed with extra care and attention being spent to make them interesting and unique. 

They're also extra (and I mean extra) expensive. $15 more per record.

Stupid Fancy records are available in small quantities (25 tops) when you order at least 100 standard records.

Why bother? I dunno. People dig em.

When ordering these, keep in mind that they will all be very different from each other.

We can't replicate this nonsense.

Here's some examples.

clear w veins and colours.jpg
clear w veins.jpg
clear w colours.jpg
clear blue with colours.jpg
7 in multi colour.jpg
7 inch natural and colour.jpg
2 clear with colours.jpg
7 in clear w colours.jpg
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