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  • What are your minimum orders?
    100 records is our minimum run. When you get records pressed, you've got upfront costs like lacquers and stampers that make pressing short runs prohibitive. If you are looking for a short run, you might want someone with a record lathe instead of a record press. Try [email protected]. She's great.
  • How should I prepare my art files?
    Use the templates you can find on our templates page. Don't leave fonts embedded. If you're using photoshop, rasterize your text layers. If you're using Illustrator, outline your text. Put your art on a different layer than the template. Don't resize the template, you want it to be a minimum of 300dpi. Save your art files in CMYK mode, not RGB. Remember to put your band name, album title, and matrix number on the spine.
  • What is a Matrix Number?
    This is the number that identifies your release. It gets scratched into the deadwax in the outgroove on both sides. It can be anything you want. You get to make it up. If your record label is called Wyld Stallyn Records, and this was your fourth release, one option for the matrix number would be WSR004. If there is no label associated with your release, you can create the matrix based on the artist's name. For example, if you are releasing a first solo record for Bill S Preston Esquire, you could make the Matrix number BSPE001. Ted Theodore Logan's 3rd record could be TTL003. You can name it after your dog or your goldfish. It's an identifier that you create that will help others identify the project.
  • Are small orders more expensive per record?
    Yes. To press a record, you need lacquers and stampers. You pay the same amount for these whether you are pressing 100 or 1000 records. Also the printed materials (Jackets, inserts, sleeves, labels) all cost lest per piece when you order more.
  • How should I prepare my audio files?
    Send us two .wav files, one for each side. That way, you're in control of the amount of space between songs.
  • How do I send you my audio and art files?
    Use and send your files to [email protected] Or share a Dropbox or Googledrive type folder with us at that same address.
  • What sizes of records do you press?
    We press 7" and 12" vinyl with 45rpm and 33rpm options.
  • Are you a broker, or do you press records?"
    We press records.
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