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Financial support for this project has been received from CreativeBC.
What are your minimum orders?

We can press as few as 100 records.

Are small orders more expensive per record?

Yes. To press a record, you need lacquers and stampers. You pay the same amount for these whether you are pressing 100 or 1000 records. 

Also note, the folks that print record jackets do runs of 500, even if you only want 100. These two reasons make your records much more affordable per piece when you order more. 

Do you have any other options for jackets?

Yeah. Email us.

What sizes of records do you press?

7" and 12"

Can you do (insert whatever) ?

Yeah, probably. Email us. 

How much does (insert whatever) cost?

Check the Pricing tab here, or use the quote generator above. If that doesn't get you where you need to go, send us an email.

Does the price above include shipping or taxes?

No. both of those are specific to your location.

Are you a broker, or do you press records?

We press records.