What are your minimum orders?

We love to press short runs of vinyl! Technically there is no minimum order. However, we don't recommend pressing a run of less than 50 records because the cost would become prohibitive. There is always a basic set up cost when you press vinyl. The fewer the records you press, the higher your cost per record becomes. If what you're after is just a handful of copies on vinyl we'd recommend getting the records hand cut by a lathe cutting engineer.

Are small orders more expensive per record?

Yes. To press a record, you need lacquers and stampers. You pay the same amount for these whether you are pressing 100 or 1000 records. 

Also note, record jackets cost a lot more per unit at lower volumes. These two reasons make your records much more affordable per piece when you order more. 

What is the cheapest way to get record pressed?

Ideas for making small runs affordable include: put out a split record so you're sharing the costs with another artist. Put out a single sided record so you're only paying for 1 lacquer/stamper. Have a record release show where the price of the ticket includes the price of a record. Do presales, and only put in your record order once you've collected enough $ to pay the deposit.  Also take a look at our specials, there are ways to cut costs there too.

What sizes of records do you press?

We press 7" and 12" vinyl with 45rpm and 33rpm options.

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Do you have more than one option for jackets?

Yes! We can put your records in any kind of jacket you like. Other than the traditional record jacket (die cut and glued), we can do foldover jackets, gatefolds and inserts. We can do full colour, black and white, glossy, matte and metallic foil. All of our record jackets are printed on recycled paper. We also have some options if you're on a tight budget.


For jacket option pricing please fill out a 12"quote or 7" quote.

How much does (insert whatever) cost?

You can get a lot of options quoted at our 12"quote or 7" quote and on our pricing list.  If that doesn't get you where you need to go, please send us an email at

Does the price I was quoted in the quote generator include shipping or taxes?

Sorry, no. Shipping and taxes are specific to your location and will have to be calculated and added to your quote once we know where you are located.  For orders in the Lower Mainland pick up or delivery can be arranged.

What's your turn-around time?

From the time we've received your approved artwork, music files and 50% deposit the average turn around time is 6-8 weeks.  Having said that, there are about 4-5 elements that need to be shipped to us for each order.  Depending on supply chain and shipping disruptions the turn-around time can extend beyond our control.  We will do our absolute best with rush orders but it's never a 100% guarantee.  After 25 years as musicians, our experience has been that it's best to book your record release show once the record is in your hands! (we've played a few record release shows with no record in hand and we know we're not the only ones!)

What colours do you have?

We can press almost any colour you could want!  We will do our best to match your colour selection, whether opaque or transparent.  We have a broad spectrum of PVC colours in stock but can also order in your custom colour selection.  If you want to snoop around our instagram account, you'll see a few samples of colours we've pressed in the past.

Does colour vinyl sound different?

People will tell you that black vinyl sounds better than colour. This may be true, but there are a lot of other factors that come into play that affect sound beyond the colour of your vinyl.  Our PVC suppliers tell us that "natural" coloured vinyl (it's kind of cloudy white, not transparent) should be the best sounding as it has no pigments in it at all. When there is a lot of background noise on a record, it usually has a lot more to do with other things. If the duration of the heat cycle during pressing is too short, the wax won't properly flow and fill all of the grooves, especially further to the outside of a record.  If sides are too long, the record will be cut at a lower volume which has the effect of raising the noise floor.  We have seen a lot of examples where a colour record sounds fantastic, but a black record has unnecessary noise.

What's better, 33rpm or 45rpm?

The answer might depend on the length of your recording but in general, 45 rpm is sending more information past your needle in the same amount of time, and tends to sound better.  If your record sides are under 15 minutes on a 12" record, consider having it cut at 45 rpm.

How long of a recording can I fit on a vinyl record?

You can fit up to 28 minutes on a side of a 12" record. If your sides are this long, they will be cut at -6db which is a very noticable volume drop. The typical 33rpm full-length record has space for 20 min of music on each side of the record without having to sacrifice volume.